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What are professional athletes listening to?

Michael Phelps, Stephen Curry,  Lindsey Vonn, Justin HolidayUsain Bolt

Just a random sampling of athletes that are listed with us. What are you listening to as you workout or train for that big race?  Add your playlist here


What are your favorite celebrities or politicians listening to?

Barack Obama, Robert Downey, Scarlett JohanssonJoe BidenKim Kardashian and Ellen DeGeneres 

Click on the Celebrities category and then choose which type of celebrity in the next pull-down for complete list.


 What are your co-workers listing to?  

             fitness trainer         teacher         hair stylist  

graphic designer      dental          surgeon     programmer          nurse       

See search on top of page under category "Working/Studying" for complete list or add your own in the "add a category" option.


The benefits of music motivation

Study shows -- music motivates us to run farther, bike longer and be happier!     New research clarifies why music and exercise make such a good team, and how to create an optimal workout playlist   more >>

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Top sites to download or listen to music? (beyond Spotify or iTunes)

Check out our lists for top 10 sites to download music (paid or free), top 10 sites to listen to music and more top 10's. It's all about what genre you like and not one shoe fits all people and that is really true for music tastes.  more >>