Main Category Event:Working / Studying
Sub Category: Surgeon
Name: Neurosurgeon at the National Hospital for Neurolog
Location/Team: London
Playlist: When I was training, I would put on what I thought the senior surgeon liked, to put them in a good mood, so they would let me have a go at operating. I remember one loved Take That. The first time I was in charge of an operation, I played Queen all the way through. At the end I played We are the Champions – all the theatre staff looked really cheesed off, because it was 2am. When I am opening someone’s head up I would play jazz: Ella Fitzgerald. For a critical part though, an aneurysm for instance, you would stop everything. That is actually a really effective way of saying everyone needs to be quiet. Finally, I would put on closing music - for me, that’s still normally Queen. Music stops me daydreaming. It reduces the stress for everyone and you perform better. Do my junior surgeons pretend to like the same music so I will let them operate? Probably – otherwise it is amazing that we all have the same taste. The playlist: Pavarotti, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Nina Simone, Queen. Th